Jake Gunter

Engineer and Artist

I am a professional software engineer (and a freelance lighting designer, musician, and photographer), currently living in Northern Virginia. I am an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I studied Computer Science and Theatre Arts.

Some of my interests are…

Lighting Design

I’ve worked as a lighting designer in California, Massachusetts, and Virginia. I design lighting for theatrical plays (some traditional, some experimental), musicals, concerts, and dance performances.

In addition to my primary discipline of lighting, I am also an audio/visual technician.

See my theatrical lighting portfolio See my concert / dance lighting portfolio

Software Development

I write code and make websites, for both fun and profit. When I was in high school, I designed a site called BingYahooGoogleAsk, which ended up being sent a cease-and-desist notice from Yahoo (though not from Bing, Google, or Ask, interestingly).


I’ve been playing music since I was eight years old. I play (in approximate order of competency) drums/percussion, keyboards, bass, and guitar. I primarily play blues/jazz/funk, and I frequently play in pit orchestras for musical theatre productions.

Listen to some of my music